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Emotiva Airmotiv E2+ Surround Speaker - Pair

Emotiva Airmotiv E2+ Surround Speaker - Pair


  • Most modern surround sound standards recommend using direct-radiating surround speakers for the most precise localization of objects and the most accurate sound stage. However, in some circumstances, especially when you have a small room or when the surrounds are located very close to listeners, dipole speakers may offer a more pleasing and natural presentation. The Airmotiv E2+ provides multiple options, including the choice of forward or rearward oriented dipole, standard in-phase bipole, and inverted bipole (where both tweeters are out of phase with the mid-woofer). You'll find the perfect setting for your Airmotiv E2+ in any surround sound installation.
  • The Airmotiv E2+ uses a bass-reflex design, which is ideal for a compact speaker, and its aerodynamically flared ports are front-mounted, allowing the Airmotiv E2 to be directly mounted on a wall.
  • The Airmotiv E2 ships with a heavy-duty steel bracket for safe and easy wall mounting.

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  • Two-way wall mounted bipole/dipole surround sound speaker.
  • Dual high-frequency drivers with switchable phase on each allow the Airmotiv E2 to be used in four different configurations: bipole, inverted bipole, and forward and rearward oriented dipoles.

Cabinet tuning

Front port

Driver Complement

  • Dual high-frequency drivers: 25×32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeters.
  • Low/mid-frequency driver: 5-1/4” woven fiber cone.


87 dB (2.83V/1m)

Power handling

70W continuous / 150W peak

Recommended amplifier power

50W – 150W / channel

Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Frequency response

65 Hz – 28 kHz (+3/-3 dB)

Crossover frequency

2700 Hz, 12 dB / octave

Terminals and Switches

  • Dual speaker terminals for bi-amping or bi-wiring.
  • Dual switches allow each tweeter to be individually inverted or non-inverted.


  • 10-3/16” high x 15-1/16” wide x 5-9/16” deep.
  • 19-1/4” long x 15-1/2” wide x 16-1/2” high (boxed)


  • 11.2 pounds; each (unboxed)
  • 29.7 pounds; pair (boxed)


Wall mounting; heavy duty steel mounting bracket included


Black cloth over a rigid frame;  attaches securely with powerful magnets for easy removal


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