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Revel Performa3 B110v2 - Active Subwoofer

Revel Performa3 B110v2 - Active Subwoofer


The Revel Performa3 B110v2 subwoofer sets a new standard for low frequency detail, musicality and refinement. Featuring brute force visceral impact and high fidelity bass performance of unprecedented sophistication, the B110v2 is a must-have for home entertainment systems.

The Revel Performa3 B110v2 is the newest generation of Revel’s popular and successful B110 subwoofer, outfitted with the latest advancements in acoustic science and technology. At the heart of the B110v2’s engineering is a new and improved woofer with 82% more linear excursion than the B110. The transducer’s 19.2 lb Klippel-optimized magnet assembly features a double-stacked ceramic 5 magnet with a flared vent for improved airflow. As a result, turbulence is reduced, output is increased, and distortion is minimized. Additional cooling vents in the back plate increase power handling while reducing compression. The cast aluminum frame is fully vented to minimize acoustic losses from excessive back pressure. A 50mm two-layer copper voice coil wound on a high heat-tolerant fiberglass former gives the transducer significant range of travel. The parametric EQ is now localised onboard, rather than software-based, for easy adjustments in real time, as you listen. The elegant cabinet, available in premium high-gloss black, white and walnut, is formed with contiguous wood layers to prevent splitting. Strategically oriented internal bracing virtually eliminates unwanted cabinet vibration, and thereby coloration. All Revel loudspeakers, including the B110V2, undergo double-blind, position-independent competitive tests during development, utiilizing the latest psychoacoustic research and processes, to ensure that when you’re buying Revel, you’re buying the best.


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Driver Components

  • Coated paper/pulp cone with 50mm two-layer copper voice coil
  • Vented ceramic 5 magnet assembly and vented die-cast aluminum frame

Amplifier Power

1000 Watts RMS


16.875” (428mm)


14.31” (404mm)


13.44” (420mm)



Crossover Frequencies

50Hz - 150Hz low-pass filter with LFE bypass

Input Sensitivity

  • 400mV (full power)/20k Ohms (balanced)
  • 14k Ohms (unbalanced)


Balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA)

Low Frequency Extension (extended mode)

24Hz (-10dB); 27Hz (-6dB); 30Hz (-3dB)

Low-frequency Extension (normal mode)

27Hz (-10dB); 30Hz (-6dB); 34.4Hz (-3dB)

Enclosure Type



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