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Velodyne Acoustics Digital Drive 18 Plus - Active Subwoofer

Velodyne Acoustics Digital Drive 18 Plus - Active Subwoofer


  • Servo System: Patented accelerometer based High Gain Servo System
  • Massive Structure: Massive motor structure for amazing low-frequency energy
  • Special Cone Design: Sophisticated cone design for fast, accurate motion
  • PC Controllable: Use your PC for manual adjustments and real time feedback of your bass performance
  • Auto Equalizer: One-Touch Auto-EQPLUS automates the seamless blend of subwoofer, system and room
  • Control Integration: Industry leading control system integration options including IR input, Ethernet and RS-232
  • Low Distortion: The industry's lowest distortion bass — under 0.5%
  • Custom Wound Coil: Six-layer, custom wound voice coil assures better heat dissipation
  • Massive Output: There is nothing quite like the awesome power of a DD+ with up to 115 dB - louder than a sonic boom

With models ranging from 10 to 18 inches, Digital Drive Plus subwoofers are available for listening rooms of all sizes.

They all have one thing in common: maximum precision in all situations.



SKU: Velodyne Acoustics Digital Dri

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18″ forward firing

Amplifier Class D

  • 3000 watts dynamic
  • 1250 watts RMS power

Frequency Response: Overall

8.8 – 300 Hz

Frequency Response: (± 3 dB)

14.4 – 120 Hz


< 0.5 % (typical)

High Pass Crossover

80 or 100 Hz at 6 dB/octave

Low Pass Crossover

  • 40 Hz to 199 Hz (variable in 1 Hz increments) selectable slope
  • Default: 80 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave


0 to 180 degrees (variable in 15 degree increments)


Adjustable (+/-)

Magnet Structure

39.7 lbs.

Voice Coil

Six-layer, 75 mm


Fiberglass Rohacell Laminate

Input LFE (Mono)

Line level (RCA), Nominal Impedance 47K, Balanced (XLR), Nominal Impedance 10K

Input L&R

Line level (RCA & XLR)

Input Microphone

Balanced (Mini-XLR, cable included)

Input Speaker Level (L&R)

Bare wire, banana plugs, or spade lugs

Output Thru (L&R)

Line level (RCA & XLR)

Output (L&R), High-Pass (L&R)

Line level (RCA & XLR)

Included Accessories

Full feature remote control, DD+ accessory kit and video cable


Black gloss ebony or Piano Black

Dimensions (H/W/D) (includes feet and connectors)

22.7” x 20.7” x 25.6” (58 x 53 x 65 cm)

Shipping Weight (approx)

64.4 kg


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